“Our international positions are strengthening. Today, Azerbaijan has established very effective and businesslike bilateral relations with many countries. In many cases, Azerbaijan has been the initiator of a multilateral cooperation format. Our relations with neighboring countries have entered a new phase. For any country, relations with neighbors are of particular importance. I am very glad that we have managed to establish fruitful and businesslike relations based on mutual respect with our neighboring countries. Our relations with Muslim countries are developing, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation appreciates the activities of Azerbaijan in this area. Our contribution to Islamic solidarity is highly appreciated throughout the Muslim world”.

Report informs that President Ilham Aliyev said in his congratulation to the people on the occasion of Novruz holiday.

Last summer, a document on the priorities of partnership with the European Union was initialed. This is a very important document, especially if we consider that it contains special paragraphs, special thoughts concerning the territorial integrity, sovereignty and the inviolability of the borders of Azerbaijan. Of course, this is a very important issue, which is of paramount importance especially for the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

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As far as the settlement of the conflict is concerned, the position of Azerbaijan remains unchanged. This conflict must be resolved only within the territorial integrity of our country. Nagorno-Karabakh is our historical land, and the earliest possible resolution of the conflict must be based only on the norms and principles of international law. As you know, the Armenian side has raised questions about changing the format of the negotiations. However, Azerbaijan certainly cannot accept this. At the same time, the ambassadors of the Minsk Group co-chair countries, representatives of the United States, France and Russia, have issued a serious statement, noting that the format must remain unchanged. Similar statements have been made by high-ranking officials of the European Union. So this is definitely a serious signal for Armenia. It is also evidence that the position of Azerbaijan gains even greater support.

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Conflict resolution will lead to peace and stability in the region. Of course, Azerbaijan seeks and will strive to seek a solution of this issue only on the basis of the norms and principles of international law and within the framework of the territorial integrity of our country.

Along with this, of course, we are increasing our military capability. The two military parades held last year demonstrated our military power to the world. This year and beyond, we will do everything necessary to build up the army. The absolute majority of our military units have been reconstructed. The Azerbaijani army has the most modern equipment and our combat effectiveness is growing with every day. Today, the Novruz holiday is also celebrated in Jojug Marjanli. The construction and restoration of Jojug Marjanli and the return of life there are our historic achievements. Today, Jojug Marjanli is evidence of the unbending spirit of the Azerbaijani people.