Azerbaijan’s economy has been on a steady upward trajectory since 2007. It has positioned itself as a strategic transport hub between Europe and Asia. Pipeline developments can boost Azerbaijan’s natural gas exports to Europe significantly, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in his article written for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum to be held on January 21-24.

‘I am planning to attend the Annual Meeting of the Forum in Davos for the 14th time since 2007. The World Economic Forum has not only been a great platform for presenting the realities of Azerbaijan to the world community but has provided comprehensive information about global economic trends. This has helped us promote socio-economic reforms in our country and attract foreign investments,’ Aliyev said.

The World Economic Forum is one of the largest platforms that unites politicians, business people, and public organizations to hold discussions on global economic processes, agenda, and socio-political processes. The Forum provides extensive access to abundant information on global economic trends.

At the traditional annual meeting in Davos, the World Economic Forum will launch two global initiatives. One of them is a global educational program that will educate 1 billion people around the world. The second is about to plant 1 billion trees worldwide.

At least 119 billionaires from 36 countries, whose overall fortune is estimated at more than $ 500 billion, are expected to come to the Forum.