In case of a second wave of coronavirus in Azerbaijan, we have enough additional beds in hospitals, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev during a videoconference with CISCO’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kelly Kramer, Vice President Guy Diedrich and other executives of CISCO.

“Security is the number one issue in the modern world. It includes the issue of energy security. Therefore, the importance of protection from cyber attacks will increase even more for us. Recently, during the pandemic, I took part in the opening of the “AzerEnergy” operational center. All operating systems, including SCADA, are functioning there,” said President Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state noted that we have major plans related to the modernization of energy infrastructure.

“By reconstructing and renovating the existing power plants, we were able to achieve an increase in electricity production of at least 600 megawatts. In other words, by increasing efficiency only through resource optimization, we received large generating capacities. So this will be a priority for us, of course. With regard to healthcare, everyone understands that this is an important factor in the successful fight against coronavirus,” said President Ilham Aliyev.

He noted that along with all the restrictive and organizational measures, doctors treating patients play the key role here.

“Therefore, our healthcare system was restructured in the shortest possible time. We made our best hospitals available to patients with coronavirus. Currently, more than 20 hospitals are in use. I can say that the cause of high mortality in some countries is the shortage of beds in hospitals. They physically cannot accept all patients. In case of a second wave of coronavirus in Azerbaijan, we have enough additional beds. Thus, modernization of the healthcare system is more important than ever because no-one knows how long coronavirus will spread,” said the head of state.