“When the representatives of Armenian community agreed to meet – only after 20 September. After September 20, when we already had to use force in order to restore our sovereignty, the representatives came to Yevlakh. They came twice, not once. The question is why didn’t they come before? If they came before, there would have been no need for anti-terror operation. So, this is history, the recent history,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the Forum titled “Karabakh: Back Home After 30 Years. Accomplishments and Challenges” co-organized by ADA University and the Center of Analysis of International Relations.

“Our electronic portal is functioning. We had already several appeals from the Karabakh Armenians. Some of them prefer to stay there and they live there. We assigned our representatives from the State Migration Agency and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population to take care of those who cannot provide their own comfort. Because, now it’s the area, where you have to be protected by social agency, because you have to eat, you have to have heating, you have to have other means of living. Not many of them, I would say remained. But those who remain, they have been taken care of and those who want to come back, they can use a mechanism, which I already informed you about,” the head of state mentioned.