President, Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev said he is confident that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.

Addressing an operational meeting held Sunday at the Central Command Post of the Ministry of Defense, the head of state said Azerbaijan is fighting on its own land.

“Justice is on our side, international law is on our side, historical justice is on our side. We must restore our territorial integrity, expel the occupiers from our lands and ensure the sovereignty of our country. I am confident that we will achieve this. But this, of course, requires great responsibility, courage and discipline from every official,” President Aliyev noted.

“These days, I regularly address the people of Azerbaijan, express my views and report on our successes. I want to assure the people of Azerbaijan today that we will not turn back from the right path! No force can affect our resolve. We will drive the enemy away to the very end. We will restore our territorial integrity!” the head of state added.