Preparations for the 32nd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy have begun in the Alley of Martyrs, Report informs.

The Executive Power of Baku is carrying out cleaning and landscaping works.

Special carnation compositions are prepared on the alley. Experienced specialists, landscape designers have been involved in the work.

The preparatory work is scheduled to be completed by January 19.

Out of fear that the Azerbaijani people were trying to get rid of the shackles of the empire by raising their voices for justice, the USSR leadership committed a terrible crime that, in fact, accelerated the collapse of the Soviet totalitarian regime. On the night of January 19-20, 1990, the central government imposed a state of emergency in Baku without warning the population, in complete violation of international law and the country’s laws. Hundreds of civilians were killed, wounded and missing in Baku as a result of military aggression involving Soviet army units.