Azerbaijan appealed to the international community to stop the pollution of the Okhchuchay River, but, unfortunately, the problem still remains unresolved, Ecology Minister Mukhtar Babayev said at an international conference on the theme “Promoting water partnership and action for sustainable water management” in Zangilan.

Babayev noted that the world depends on water, and it must be used correctly.

“Today, water shortages are observed on almost all continents. Azerbaijan also suffers from this problem,” the minister said.

Azerbaijan has developed its own water policy and prepared an action plan for water use. “We pay special attention to transboundary cooperation and have joined the water convention,” he stated.

He also noted the importance of following the UN Sustainable Development Goals on the use of water resources. “We call on everyone to ratify the water convention,” the minister added.

Zangilan is the first of the liberated districts where IDPs will return. “Like the rest of the liberated lands of Azerbaijan, Zangilan was almost completely destroyed during the occupation,” Babayev stressed.