The withdrawal of the Russian peacekeeping contingent from Karabakh became a test of the strength of relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, political scientist and expert of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Alexey Naumov told, Report informs.

He noted that relations between the two countries have successfully passed this test.

“Relations between Moscow and Baku have been tested by this difficult moment and have confirmed their strength and usefulness. The withdrawal of the peacekeepers was carried out ahead of schedule and exclusively within good neighborly relations between Moscow and Baku. I think that the parties have something to say to each other,” Naumov said.

The political scientist added that the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh contributed to the strengthening of ties between the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan. According to Naumov, this is all the more important and indicative against the backdrop of complex relations between Russia and Armenia, which is increasingly striving to be closer to the EU. Naumov emphasizes that Azerbaijan behaves delicately in relations with the West.