Azerbaijan’s efforts to combat neo-colonialism are effective and timely, Shota Aphaidze, director of the Georgian Center for Islamic Studies of the Caucasus, told Report.

He noted that the creation of the Baku Initiative Group (BIG) following the conference “Towards the complete elimination of colonialism” held in Baku is important in this matter.

“Confronting modern manifestations of colonialism in a multipolar world order is very important. In this regard, the activities of platforms such as the GIG, SCO or BRICS are of great importance. It is gratifying that Azerbaijan is taking such independent steps to combat this problem, which are of strategic importance,” says Aphaidze.

The political scientist reminded that neocolonialism is a form of economic, cultural and political influence of former colonial powers on former colonies or developing countries: “However, the system of neocolonialism in the postmodern era works completely differently, now everything happens in a veiled form.”

Therefore, the relevance of highlighting this problem and countering neocolonial practices should be a priority for many countries.