France’s Defense Minister Florence Parly has called for a review of NATO’s “strategic concept,” stating that “dialogue is non-existent” within the bloc. The remarks come amid the ongoing scandal over the new AUKUS pact.

The defense minister spoke before France’s Senate on Wednesday, with talk revolving almost exclusively around the fallout of the AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) deal. The agreement was announced last week, causing an uproar in Paris as it came along with Australia ditching a landmark submarine contract with France and opting to buy US-made nuclear submarines instead.

The hostile move is yet more proof of troubles in the transatlantic cooperation, Parly stated. “I am thinking of Turkish adventurism in the Mediterranean, or of the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in an uncoordinated manner,” she added.

The attitude of the United States toward the submarine program is a further illustration of the observation that we have been making for months: today, political dialogue is non-existent within the Atlantic Alliance.

While ditching NATO altogether is not an option, the alliance is long due for a ‘review’ of its strategic goals, the minister said, reminding that, originally, the bloc was created for the “collective defense of Europe.” (RT)