Police have ruined what was slated to become a massive fetish party in downtown Berlin, swooping on the gathering as it was in full swing. Officers said that the participants were in violation of the Covid-19 restrictions. Also on rt.com Germany announces capacity to take Covid patients from abroad as cases soar across Europe

“For around 600 guests at a fetish party in Mitte [a central borough in Berlin], it probably ended unsatisfactorily,” police reported in a tongue-in-cheek message on Twitter late on Saturday.

Local law enforcement pooled forces with the federal police to swoop on the party, which was taking place both inside and outside the venue.

Apparently, not all the revellers took the notice immediately, with Berlin police saying that their colleagues from the federal law enforcement were forced to “make it clear again that it was time to go home.”

While it’s unclear if the event was official, and if any tickets or invitations had been distributed in advance, the organizer of the party is expected to be served with a complaint, Der Tagespiegel reported, citing police.

Police, which have ramped up its onslaught on those violating the coronavirus restrictions during night hours, accused the party goers of running afoul of hygiene measures imposed to stem the spread of the disease.

The revellers reportedly did not wear masks and failed to follow social distancing guidelines, with too many of them congregating in far too narrow a space.

Not all the netizens, however, were not in a hurry to take police allegations at face value, with some quick-witted commentators arguing that they can hardly imagine a “fetish party” without such a befitting accessoire as a face mask.

“Masks are certainly worn at fetish party,” a commenter said.

“A fetish party without masks?” another quipped. (RT)