Poland is ready to share experience on developing of port infrastructure with Azerbaijan, Press Office Director at Poland’s Foreign Ministry Andrzej Fąfara said, according to Trend.

“The institutional contacts between Polish and Azerbaijani sea ports have been established. We look forward to Azerbaijan’s plans to create free trade zone in Baku-Alat port as well. The potential in this area is still big, having in mind the ports being developed on the other bank of the Caspian Sea and vicinity of the Central Asia and Far East markets,” he said.

Fąfara noted that Poland and Azerbaijan have to work together in order to effectively connect their ports, multimodal terminals and railways.

Development of ports demands investments and stable, clear conditions and smooth interstate cooperation. Poland has undergone significant changes in this field and is ready to share our experience on developing of port infrastructure as well as legislation in this area,” he said.

Fąfara pointed out that the importance of multi-modal transportation, especially using of container transshipment has been increasing.

“Ensuring smooth functioning of the supply chain is of utmost importance, not only in emergency situations. That is why the diversification of transportation routes is essential and beneficial for all subjects of the globalized economy,” he concluded.

The Port of Baku is located in Alat (a township 70 km south of Baku), at the crossroads of two major transportation corridors – East-West and North-South. It is also where Azerbaijan’s main railway and highway networks converge, facilitating the implementation of the vision of the port as a grand hub – becoming key to regional and global supply chains. The Port of Baku serves as a major intermodal distribution hub, but will also employ an integrated development model that involves port activities, bonded zone, the Alat township and various transport and non-transport projects.