A petition has been launched on the White House’s official website to recognize the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) as a terrorist organization.

According to Report, the petition called for restrictions on ANCA’s operations and activities.

An appeal was also sent to the United States to investigate the activities of ANCA.

ANCA organizes terror acts, genocides violence, and aggression against Azerbaijani US citizens, and spreads lies, falsifying facts to mislead the American public on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity matter.

It is emphasized that ANCA is a dangerous terrorist organization, and ANCA provides financial support to terrorist organizations such as ASALA, NAR, JCAG.

To support the petition, you need to write the e-mail address in the required parts of the link and press the SIGN NOW button. After that, the petition’s signing process is completed by opening a confirmation link sent to the e-mail address.