The Kremlin is convinced that the problem with allowing Russians on Turkish Airlines flights will be resolved, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said, according to Report’s Russian bureau.

Peskov said Moscow is working with Ankara on the situation with Turkish Airlines.

He emphasized that the friendly relations between the countries gives hope for the settlement of such issues.

“Without waiting for contacts at the highest level, our diplomatic department is working very actively, our government is working actively, tirelessly raises this issue, talks about the unacceptability of such a situation for us and for Russian citizens, of course,” the Kremlin representative said.

The airline has posted on its website a reminder in Russian for customers traveling in transit through Istanbul to a number of Latin American countries. It states that in addition to general rules such as passport and visa requirements, some additional controls may apply to passengers whose flights arrive in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Cuba.