Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, during the government hour in parliament, has shown a map according to which the process of delimiting the border with Azerbaijan is being carried out, Report informs referring to Sputnik Armenia.

Pashinyan said that he considers accusations of concessions in Tavush unacceptable and illogical, since the existing state border is being reproduced de jure.

“I would consider this a success, because for the first time in its history, Armenia, through negotiations, forms, reproduces the border and lays the foundation for sovereignty, statehood, and further development,” Pashinyan noted.

The prime minister again voiced the idea that in 1991, by joining the Alma-Ata Declaration, Armenia once again recorded that it was becoming an independent country within the borders of Soviet Armenia.

“In 1991, there were de jure borders between the Armenian and Azerbaijani SSRs. We raised de jure all the foundations of this border, checked and reproduced them on the ground according to the principle – “the border passes where it passes,” Pashinyan added.

He emphasized that during this process not a single millimeter of the sovereign territory of Armenia was transferred to Azerbaijan.

“The sovereign territory of Armenia is fixed in delimited areas,” Pashinyan said.