Peace in the region is a factor that ensures and guarantees the security, as well as the independence and sovereignty of Armenia, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in his address to the nation live, Report informs referring to

“This path is not easy, it goes through external and internal shocks. We must go through this path for the sake of independence, for the sake of statehood, for the sake of the future,” he said, adding that this requires peace, that is, an environment free of conflicts.

The prime minister, speaking about the importance of the peaceful development of the region, touched upon the Almaty Declaration, adopted in December 1991, on the basis of which Yerevan declared recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

He noted that recently he has often been criticized for the fact that in pursuing foreign and regional policy he takes this declaration as a basis. Calls to abandon the Almaty Declaration are calls to abandon the independence and territorial integrity of Armenia, he said.