Pakistani IT companies have been invited to operate and invest in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, the Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Bilal Haye, told Report.
According to him, the Azerbaijani government is doing reconstruction work and building smart villages and smart cities in the liberated territories: “So, Pakistani IT companies have sufficient potential to help in these processes.”

The Ambassador recalled that the Azerbaijan-Pakistan Technology Forum was held in Baku today: “The purpose of this event is to establish relations between the IT companies of Pakistan and the state and private partners in Azerbaijan. Representatives representing 35 companies from Pakistan that operate in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud technology, and a number of areas of the ICT sector participated in the forum. We hope that Pakistani companies will have a direct relationship with local companies and share their knowledge and experience in IT. Also, they will determine the directions of future cooperation in this field.”

“We see great potential to expand our cooperation in the IT sector. The Pakistani IT sector is very big. We understand that the government of Azerbaijan wants to benefit and increase cooperation with Pakistan, and that is why the Ministry of Digital Development Minister, as well as other high government officials, participated in the forum. I believe that today’s forum was very fruitful for both parties, and I hope that it will move to active cooperation in the coming months. In addition, Azerbaijani companies have been invited to Pakistan to see and get to know Pakistan’s IT sector,” the Ambassador said.