Pakistani Embassy in Azerbaijan has hosted the event dedicated to the day of Kashmir’s occupation. Report informs, during his opening speech, Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hai noted that the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir has been going on for over 70 years.

“Unfortunately, the resolutions of the UN Security Council are not being implemented on this conflict either. It is a highly dangerous conflict. Pakistan and India are nuclear powers, and open conflict could wreak havoc on the region. Therefore, we prefer a peaceful solution to the dispute based on UN resolutions. “

The ambassador also noted that India is trying to change the demographic picture of Kashmir completely. According to him, the rights of the indigenous Muslim population are grossly violated in Kashmir.

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Ombudsman) Sabina Aliyeva noted that Azerbaijan also suffers from the occupation of its lands. At present, the Azerbaijani army, under the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s leadership, is liberating the occupied territories. “Recent events have shown who our friend is. The people of Pakistan are also among them. All support was expressed to Azerbaijan. A vast range of cooperation has been established between our countries.”