“Azerbaijan is a model country in terms of stability and public order in comparison with a number of European countries, not just in the region.”

Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a human rights activist Georgii Logvynskyi told European bureau of Report.

He said that according to a number of parameters Azerbaijan is different in the arena of the former USSR, and one of them is the issue of public safety: “For this reason, different nations live and work freely in Azerbaijan”.

G. Logvynskyi said that today Azerbaijan is a strategic partner for Europe in terms of energy projects: “I think that the right people in Europe should think about all perspectives on this issue, and look into the nuances that will harm this partnership.”

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“Today, Azerbaijan’s relations with Ukraine are developing in a rising line and this is based on the commitment of Azerbaijan to the principles of partnership”, – the chairman of the committee said.