Today marks nine years since the creation of news portal, Report informs. news site, part of Global Media Group, has been operating since July 2013.

The site provides 24-hour, up-to-date news on the most pressing and interesting topics in the Azerbaijani and Russian languages, in Azerbaijan and the world, answers to questions that worry the readers and the public, analytical articles, and photo and video reports.

Ulvi Safarov, editor-in-chief of the portal, says that the purpose of creating the site is to present the most important and thought-provoking news worldwide and in Azerbaijan to a broad audience:

“As the most read site in the country (Azerbaijan), we have a great responsibility. One of our primary goals is to provide our readers with timely, accurate and impartial information. At present, there are plans to create a new section on the site called ‘Sözbaz.’ The essence of the rubric is to convey to readers the unknown meanings of the common words. Currently, the news portal is one of the leading websites in Azerbaijan. Our goal is to maintain this rank and always stay at the top.”

Another staffer, Rovshan Asadov, has been working as an editor for eight months. He says he is pleased to be a member of the team:

“Information comes to our site from various sources. It can be a citizen or a government agency. We process the news, and after clarifying it from several other sources, we present it to the public. Of course, there is competition with other sites in the best sense of the word. In this regard, each of us tries to present the news to readers operatively and accurately.”

Correspondent Konul Jafarli, who has been working at since 2018, writes news about social issues:

“I would also like to note that when writing about social problems, our primary goal is not only to highlight the problem but also to achieve its solution. We rejoice when we accomplish a problem’s solution. When it comes to competing with other sites, for us the accuracy and wholeness of the information is one step above the speed of the news. We already have a particular readership. The reader knows that they will receive the news from us in an accurate and complete form, even if it is 1-2 minutes late.”

Another member of the team, Emilia Taghiyeva, said she had been working as a translator for about four years. Though she is a translator, she also, from time to time, publishes columns and reports:

“I have been translating news from Russian, Turkish and English into Azerbaijani for almost four years. To be honest, I used to be a little hesitant to work here. I thought I couldn’t do it. But from the very first days, my work went well and I am delighted to be a member of this sincere and hardworking team.”

Report News Agency congratulates the team and wishes them success in their future endeavors!