More than five enterprises are expected to start operating in Azerbaijan’s Aghdam Industrial Park this year, said Seymur Adigozalov, chairman of the board of the Economic Zones Development Agency under the country’s Economy Ministry, Report informs.

“More than 60% of the park’s territory has already been occupied, and those areas have been given to entrepreneurs for long-term use. Eentrepreneurs show great interest in Agdam Industrial Park as in other industrial zones. Among the industrial parks managed by the agency, after Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, the largest number of residents is currently in the Aghdam Industrial Park. Here, 23 business entities with a total investment of 200.6 million manats ($117.95 million) were granted residency, and six entrepreneurs were granted non-residency. They plan to create a total of more than 1,900 jobs in the park. To date, residents have invested more than 35 million manats (over $20 million) in the park and created up to 300 permanent jobs. Most of the residents have completed the construction and installation work and plan to start production in the near future. Some residents continue construction work. Some of them are planned to be completed this year,” he said.

The chairman emphasized that the residents are expected to produce ventilation, fire-fighting equipment and various metal products, construction materials, roof coverings, pipes, electrical distribution equipment and electrical sockets, various types of railway equipment, wallpaper, and shoes in Agdam Industrial Park this year.