Last year, 7,576 real estate objects were registered in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Report informs, citing the State Service for Property Issues of the Autonomous Republic.

A total of 3,205 real estate objects were registered in Nakhchivan, 1,592 in Sharur district, 1,110 in Babek district, 486 in Ordubad district, 471 in Julfa district, 324 in Shahbuz district, 269 in Kangarli district, 119 in Sadarak district. Of these, 2,398 are initial registrations, and 5,178 are re-registrations.

Of the registered real estate objects, 2,770 are land plots, 1,573 are apartments, 2,983 are individual residential houses, 13 are country houses, 104 are non-residential buildings, 107 are non-residential plots, and 26 are property complexes.

Based on the applications received during the reporting period, a total of 5,706 technical documents were issued, including 2,365 technical property passports and 3,341 land plots. This is 0.2% more than in 2021. Legal and natural persons were given 6,225 references on the description of real estate, rights registered on the property in the state register, and their limitations.