3,170,400 foreigners and stateless persons from 193 countries visited Azerbaijan in 2019, which is 11.3% higher than last year’s figure for the corresponding period. Of the total number, men constituted 66.6% and women 33.4%.

Report says, citing the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan, that, according to the information, the citizens of Russia were responsible for 29.4%, Georgia for 22.9%, Turkey for 10%, Iran for 8.1%, Saudi Arabia for 3.4%, UAE for 2.2%, India for 2,1%, Ukraine for 1.9%, Turkmenistan and Iraq for 1.6% each, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Israel for 1.5% each, UK for 1.2%, other countries for 11%, stateless persons for 0.1%.

During the reporting period, the number of tourists from EU countries increased by 21.3% to 136,500, and the CIS by 9.3% to 1,141,500 people.