As of Nov. 13, 2019, cotton receiving points throughout Azerbaijan received 281,506 tons of cotton, which is 34.5 percent higher compared to the same period last year referring to the country’s State Statistical Committee.

For comparison, last year’s figure was 209,368 tons.

The leaders in cotton harvesting this year, so far, are Saatli (40,000 tons), Barda (32,576 tons), Agjabadi (31,029 tons), Beylagan (28,389 tons) and Bilasuvar (28,095 tons) districts.

Record levels of cotton production in Azerbaijan during the period of the country’s independence were reached in 2018.

Last year, 230,400 tons of raw cotton was harvested, which is 6.54 times higher since 2015.

Overall, cotton growing began to develop in the country in 2016, according to the state program aimed at the development of this sector.

In 2016, the sown area increased by 2.7 times compared to the preceding year and amounted to 51,400 hectares. Cotton production increased by 2.5 times and reached 89,400 tons.

In 2015, these indicators amounted to 18,700 hectares and 35,200 tons, respectively.