OSCE must be flexible, agile enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving environment to remain relevant, said Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov as he addressed a meeting of the organization’s Permanent Council.

FM Bayramov noted that only cooperative solutions can yield results.

“This is the only way to make the organization more perfect and strong. Creative solutions that take into account realities within and outside the organization are required within the framework of collectively agreed documents and decisions,” he said.

He stressed that  the organization should be given the resources it needs to effectively respond to challenges. “To this end, we support the early adoption of the budget that would allocate scarce resources to the relevant structures of the organization where they are needed most. Dysfunctional, obsolete structures need to be phased out. Also, we support the extension of the mandates of Secretary General Helga Schmid and the heads of all three Institutions,” the top diplomat added.

FM Bayramov said that the OSCE’s comprehensive concept of security by definition requires ensuring balance across all three dimensions, which should be reflected in the programmatic activities of the executive structures.

“This is why we are advocating for strengthening the second dimension, economic and environmental cooperation, in particular in such areas as promoting connectivity through transport and trade facilitation, climate change, and environmental rehabilitation, which have untapped potential and can bridge the divide in these challenging times. But, this should not come at the expense of other, equally important and interrelated dimensions,” he concluded.