Initiatives to support the business environment in Azerbaijan are welcomed by local and foreign companies operating in the country, Chairman of the Board of the State Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) Orkhan Mammadov said at the 18th annual meeting of the International Network of Small and Medium Enterprises (INSME) on in Baku, Report informs.

“We also successfully cooperate with the relevant structures and organizations of the partner countries. Here we have two main goals: to increase institutional cooperation and to support the establishment of direct links between our local economic entities and potential external partners.

Memorandums signed with the relevant structures include issues such as the implementation of initiatives of mutual interest, organization of business missions, and exchanging best practices,” noted Mammadov.

According to him, the multifunctional nature of the INSME platform, the breadth of the network of participants and the range of services provided create opportunities for every structure and organization: