Hungary’s ruling right-wing party Fidesz has been suspended from the center-right ‘European People’s Party’ bloc (EPP), as growing confrontation between Viktor Orban and EU leadership comes to a head in the European Parliament.

After serious debate over Fidesz’ fate in the transnational EU bloc, the EPP has voted to suspend the party rather than kicking them out altogether as some had called for.

Documents earlier leaked on social media revealed that the EPP drafted a plan of action aimed at forcing Fidesz’s compliance. The proposal included a list of “conditions” the organization expects the Hungarians to fulfill, including halting their “fake news” campaign against Jean-Claude Juncker and permanently abandoning such “attacks” in the future. It said that while Fidesz works to implement the demands, their membership will be suspended, barring them from voting or holding positions in the EPP. (RT)