A porn star who flashed her breasts on Red Square is now being sought by authorities © Social media

The Russian Interior Ministry has issued an arrest warrant for pornographic model Lolita Bogdanova, also known by the alias Lola Bunny, for exposing herself outside Moscow’s iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The warrant caught the eye of the Russian media on Monday, yet it was not immediately clear when it had actually been issued. The model is wanted due to an unspecified “criminal case,” according to the Interior Ministry’s database.

Lola Bunny made headlines in late 2021, when a saucy video in which she exposed her breasts in Red Square went viral.

The video prompted authorities to investigate Bogdanova for allegedly “offending the feelings of believers,” which is a criminal offense in Russia.

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The model’s behavior allegedly constituted “open disrespect” toward society. The offense carries a maximum penalty of one year behind bars.

At the time, Bogdanova offered an apology, insisting she had not meant to offend anyone, while claiming the video had actually been filmed two or three years before it went viral and been published by a third party.

The porn actress was reportedly placed under a pre-trial travel ban, but evaded it and ultimately left the country. According to Russian media, the model is now living in the US. (RT)