One of the violators of the state border of Azerbaijan, Iranian citizen Bargi Hasanali Novruz, has been detained, according to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan.

At about 16:00 on May 15, three unknown persons violated the state border of Azerbaijan near the village of Gendara, Yardimli district, in the zone of the ‘Goytepe’ border guard service of the border troops of the State Border Service.

The violators did not obey the order of the border guards and started shooting at them with firearms. As a result, senior lieutenant Samir Eyvazov and junior sergeant Farid Alimov were injured. The servicemen were immediately taken to a medical facility, but their lives could not be saved.

On the fact, the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan opened a criminal case under Article 120.2.1, 206.3.2, 234.4.1, 234.4.3, 318.1, and other articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

During the inspection of the scene, 3,840 grams of marijuana, 95 grams of methamphetamine, 17,715 pregabalin tablets, cartridges from firearms, and other material evidence were found and seized imported into the territory of Azerbaijan.

Intensive investigative and operational-search measures are being taken to identify and involve other participants in the crime.

The public will be additionally informed about the results of the investigation.