The Ombudsman Bank, established under the Azerbaijan Bank Association (ABA), will start operating next month.

Report was informed by the Azerbaijan Bank Association.

“The special Internet page has been designed to accept appeals to the Ombudsman Bank. Currently, the technical works for the launch of the website are about to be completed. Appeals will be accepted via the electronic page, as well as via a letter and in the office,” ABA informed.

Notably, the additions and changes to the order of the Ombudsman Bank were approved at the meeting of the ABA Presidium held on April 14 of this year. Ikram Heydar Karimov was appointed to this post.

Notably, the purpose of the Ombudsman Bank is to strengthen customers’ trust in banks and resolve disputes between clients and providers of financial services without court. The Financial Ombudsman is expected to consider issues the cost of which does not exceed $2,000.