As a result of the attack of the Russian armed forces, more than 26,000 different objects were damaged, and 161 multi-apartment buildings and 5,000 houses were utterly destroyed in Kyiv Oblast. It will not be possible to restore them. They need to be rebuilt, Oleksii Kuleba, head of the Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, told Report.

According to him, educational and healthcare institutions in Kyiv Oblast have also been damaged: “In general, military operations were carried out in more than half of the territory of Kyiv Oblast. 42 out of 69 territorial communities in the region have been damaged or destroyed.”

He also spoke about the action plan for the restoration works.

“We are currently dealing with demining the area,” he added. “We plan to clear all residential areas of Kyiv Oblast from mines. There were mines in 270 settlements. We are also working to restore electricity, water, gas lines, as well as communication. Of course, great work has been done in this regard. For example, in the big cities of Kyiv Oblast – Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Borodianka – we have restored approximately 90% of everything that can be restored. Unfortunately, there is a lot of destruction in these cities. For example, 50% of Irpin and 70% of Borodianka have been destroyed. The next stage is to repair the buildings. This process continues today. The government has a program for this.”