Global oil prices on Tuesday afternoon accelerated growth, with the cost of Brent crude oil rising above $68 per barrel for the first time since March 18. However, traders continue to playback news about the immutability of the terms of the agreement on limiting oil production within OPEC+, according to trading data.

Report informs, citing Prime, that the price of June futures for the North Sea Brent oil blend earlier in Tuesday’s trading reached the level of $68.06 for the first time since March 18. And as of 13.23 (Baku time), this price is also growing by 1.13%, to $67.81 per barrel.

Moreover, the price of June WTI futures increased by 1.14%, to $64.15 dollars per barrel, while May futures gained 1.23%, settling at $64.16.

Traders continue to assess the news about the April meeting of OPEC+. The day before, Bloomberg reported that the alliance is mulling the possibility of holding only a meeting of the monitoring committee on April 28, without a general meeting. Some adjustments could be made to the conditions of production restrictions.