OIC Secretary General Joseph Bin Ahmad Al-Otaimi expressed deep concern about the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister voiced during the visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan on August 5.

Report informs citing the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan that the Secretary General expressed deep concern over the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister dated August 5, 2019.

“The Secretary General noted that this statement by the Armenian leadership and actions violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan are ignoring the principles of international law, the position of the international community and it is a threat to peace and security in the region. Referring to the provisions of the UN Charter and the OIC on the peaceful resolution of the conflict, the Helsinki Final Act, the 1993 resolutions of the UN Security Council, various resolutions of the OIC, the Secretary General called on the Republic of Armenia to negotiate peacefully with the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions for the peaceful solution to the conflict.”