An officer has been detained in Armenia in connection with a fire in barracks that killed 15 servicemen, according to the press service of the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office, Report informs referring to Sputnik-Armenia.

On January 30, the prosecutor decided to initiate criminal proceedings against the head of the public utility service, the head of the fire protection and rescue service of the N military unit of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Major M.S. under part 3 of article 550 (official negligence, which led to the death of a person) of the Armenian Criminal Code.

On January 31 Major M.S. was detained.

The investigation obtained sufficient evidence that M.S., being a commander (chief) and an official, responsible for organizing fire protection, the constant readiness of a group of firefighters, fire extinguishing equipment and training personnel in fire safety rules, for installing fire extinguishers in all barracks, showed dishonesty and negligence in his official duties.