French government agencies, which continue espionage and other illegal activities through their diplomatic missions in various countries, have once again become involved in an international scandal and damaged the image of the state, reads an article “France was shown the door once again” published April 18 in the Observer Online about the expulsion of three French diplomats from Burkina Faso, Report informs.

The publication notes that a number of countries followed the suit of Baku, which in December 2023 declared French intelligence officers operating under diplomatic cover in the French Embassy persona non grata and expelled them to Paris. The authors of the article also reminded that the Azerbaijani security authorities continue to investigate the criminal case about the French spy network.

“On April 16, Burkina Faso handed over a note to France and declared three French “diplomats” persona non grata “for subversive activities” on the territory of their country. All of them were expelled from the country. There is no second such country with so many expelled diplomats, and the course of events suggests that France will even break its own record,” the article says.

Observer Online also exclusively published a note of protest.

The article states that French Foreign Ministry Advisor Christophe Lemoine considers the expulsion of French diplomats from Burkina Faso to be unfounded: “The decision of Burkina Faso officials had no legal basis and is regrettable.”

The publication also notes that the delegation of New Caledonia, which has suffered from the colonial policy of France throughout history, is currently an official guest in Azerbaijan’s Parliament.

“Speaking in the Azerbaijani parliament, the chairperson of the New Caledonian Congress Committee, Naisseline Omayra, noted that the memorandum signed last day with Azerbaijan is a “road map” for New Caledonia. She expressed hope that the document will help prevent France’s aggressive policy towards New Caledonia.