The numerous sites hit by missiles attack on Azerbaijani city of Barda were in civilian areas, VICE News reporter Hind Hassan who reported from the scene of a missile attack on Azerbaijan Barda wrote on her official Instagram account.

“We travelled to the site of missile strikes in Barda, Azerbaijan and to the hospital were casualties were taken. We saw chaotic scenes including a man being operated on following a leg amputation and watched another man die after attempts to save him by doctors and nurses. There was blood everywhere: in the corridors and in the wards,” Hassan wrote.

In her words, at the hospital the VICE News journalists were taken to the morgue and makeshift tents where 12 bodies were being kept.

“Most wore civilian clothing. One was in military fatigue. The smell of death was overwhelming and the wounds and blood was fresh. Missing limbs and abdomens ripped open were consistent with explosion and blast injuries. Officials say there were more who had already been sent to their families ahead of burial because in Islamic tradition this happens very quickly. The numerous sites hit by missiles were in civilian areas,” she wrote.