The number of coronavirus cases detected over the past day in Russia for the first time since July 19 exceeded 6,000, the operational headquarters to combat the spread of the coronavirus reported on Saturday, according to TASS.

According to the headquarters, the daily growth was 0.56%, the total number of infected people reached 1,097,251.

In total, 171,450 people are currently infected in Russia.

The number of patients who recovered from coronavirus increased in Russia by 5,255 over the past day, in total 906,462 people have recovered.

According to the headquarters, the share of those who recovered exceeded 82.6% of the total number of infected.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths due to coronavirus in Russia increased by 144 per day against 134 a day earlier, and reached a total of 19,339 people. According to the headquarters, the total number of deaths was 1.76% of all those infected in Russia.