An event dedicated to the Novruz holiday was held at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York with the joint initiative and organization of the permanent missions of 12 countries – Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan, and Iran to the UN, Report informs.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, congratulated the participants at the event. The General Secretary said that Novruz is a celebration of the beginning of the new year, the arrival of spring, and the revival of nature, which unites millions of people, generations, and nations, and emphasized that Novruz promotes dialogue, good neighborliness, and reconciliation in these difficult times. Guterres sent his congratulations to the representatives of all nations celebrating Nowruz.

Tofig Musayev, Deputy Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN, who spoke at the event, conveyed his sincere congratulations and good wishes to the participants on the occasion of the Novruz holiday.

The diplomat added that today’s world, where divisions, mistrust, and hatred are rampant, needs the message of peace and renewal more than ever. In his speech, Musayev emphasized the importance of the Novruz holiday, which plays an important role in strengthening relations between peoples based on the ideals of mutual respect, understanding, and peace as a part of cultural heritage, reflects cultural and ancient traditions, contributes to the development of international cooperation, and promotes intercultural dialogue.

At the event, a video was shown demonstrating the attributes, customs, and traditions of the Novruz holiday in 12 different countries. The images depict the rich culture and history of Azerbaijan, the beauty of Baku, Novruz traditions, and national dishes. The guests were also presented with a huge khoncha with the attributes of Novruz.