The American pharmaceutical company Novavax, which specializes in the production of antibiotics, plans to release 1 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine under development in the Czech Republic. The Prime Minister of the Republic, Andrei Babish announced told journalists on Tuesday.

“Novavax intends to produce a total of two billion doses of vaccines against coronavirus, he said. – About 300 of our fellow citizens will be able to participate in clinical tests. They will be selected from among the volunteers. “

According to Babiš, Vaccine will be produced at the Praha Vaccines pharmaceutical plant, located in the Kostelec nad Cernim Lesi area, a few kilometers east of Prague. The clinical phase of drug trials should begin in October.
After the successful completion of clinical trials, the Czech authorities intend to conclude a contract with an American company to supply a vaccine. Drug development involves Novavax facilities in the Czech Republic, the USA, and Sweden.