North Korea said it would never negotiate its sovereignty with the United States, criticizing Washington as “double-faced” for offering talks while ramping up military activities in the region, state media KCNA reported on Thursday.

Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and a senior official, said the United States showed “extreme double standards” at this week’s meeting of the UN Security Council over North Korea’s recent launch of its first spy satellite, Report informs, citing Reuters.

“We make it clear once again to the US, which asked the DPRK to fix the time and agenda for resuming the DPRK-US dialogue,” Kim said, calling North Korea by the initials of its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. “The sovereignty of an independent state can never be an agenda item for negotiations, and therefore, the DPRK will never sit face-to-face with the US for that purpose.”