Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune says Kiev will most likely become a candidate nation later this week © Getty Images / Andia

Ukraine should not expect a fast track to EU membership despite there being a consensus on granting it candidate status, French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune has cautioned.

Speaking with the host of France’s Europe 1 radio station on Wednesday, Beaune said there was “total consensus” among EU members that Ukraine is eligible to become a candidate nation. The official added that he expected this to be formally “confirmed on Thursday and Friday.”

On June 23-24, the heads of state and government of all 27 countries comprising the EU will gather in Brussels, with the membership bids of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia high on the agenda.

The French official hastened to warn, however, that “it’s a long process, Ukraine will not be a member of the European Union tomorrow morning.”

Beaune emphasized that Kiev will not be given “accelerated procedure or privilege,” adding that the French parliament will have a final say in deciding whether Paris will back granting Ukraine candidate status. (RT)