The crew of Al Jazeera has visited Azerbaijan’s Karabakh, and the city of Khankendi in particular.

Osama Bin Javaid, Al Jazeera reporter, has refuted the accusations that Azerbaijan is allegedly “forcing Armenians to leave Khankendi”.

“Everyone we have spoken to, including the ICRC staff, found no real cases, where people were actually forced out their homes or had to face any abuse from the Azerbaijani side,” he said.

In fact, Azerbaijan not only does not force Armenians to leave Karabakh, but also makes every possible effort to reintegrate them into the social, cultural and economic framework of the country.

Moreover, at the invitation of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a meeting has been organized between the central authorities of Azerbaijan and the representatives of Armenians residing in Khankendi. The first meeting held on September 21, 2023, in the city of Yevlakh, was followed by two more – one in Khojaly on September 25 and another in Yevlakh on September 29.

In the context of discussing social and humanitarian issues, the representatives of the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region informed that there is a special need for fuel. At the same time, they asked for humanitarian assistance in the form of foodstuffs.

As a result of the meeting, their request was taken seriously. Until now, Azerbaijan has already supplied fuel for the heating systems of kindergartens and schools, as well as the emergency medical service and fire department, and provided humanitarian support for Karabakh residents.