On June 1, on the occasion of International Children’s Day, the Nine Senses art center hosted a Creative Marathon in Baku with the participation of children and parents, Report informs.

During the marathon, parents together with their children created art objects, drew, played games and took part in educational lectures.

The program of the event included modeling lessons under the guidance of mentor Ramina Bocharova, the creator of a personal brand of ceramic products.

Also, within the framework of the marathon, a chess tournament was organized by the White Horse Club. Ulker Umudova, the first female international chess judge in Azerbaijan and director of the White Horse Club, told reporters that children always take such lessons with interest. “The most important thing is to interest children, and then they will not be bored. Of course, a lot depends on the teacher, but with the right approach, the child will always learn to play chess with interest,” she added.

Children from an orphanage also participated in the Creative Marathon. In the art laboratory, the children studied mixed media art lessons, where Mazahir Rustamov was the mentor. They were engaged in modeling from clay and plasticine. In their crafts, molded from plasticine and clay, the children visualized their dreams and fantasies.

The teacher of orphanage No. 2, Ilaha Valiyeva, was very glad that such centers of self-development and creativity were created for children. This allows children to discover new skills on their holiday, get a lot of new emotions and pleasure. According to Valiyeva, who has been working in the orphanage for about 20 years, the most important thing is to see the joy on the kids’ faces.

As part of the marathon, choreography lessons were also held by the People’s Artist of Azerbaijan, ballerina Kamilla Huseynova.

According to her, if children are involved in some kind of activity, this is already a holiday. “Children have a lot of energy. The most important thing is to find an approach to them, to interest them, and then they will make noise, but at the same time they will behave,” she said.

Nine Senses is an atmospheric place on the shores of the Caspian Sea – an art center for creativity and self-development.

The director of the art center Nine Senses, Natalia Zhukova, in an interview with reporters, spoke about the new art center dedicated to creativity and self-development: “The center opened just three months ago, and its main goal is to help people discover their feelings.”

According to her, the center hosts bodily practices, yoga brunches. “Another interesting direction that is carried out in the center is sound healing. A teacher conducts sound healing classes. There is a lot to say about the center, here you will find a team of the best teachers, artists, experts and spiritual mentors,” she added.