Report’s interview with Nikola Jurčević, who left the post of head coach of Azerbaijan’s football team:

How did you feel when AFFA refused to extend your contract?

Last week, when I was at home in Zagreb, I thought about myself and the future of the national team and I was also not sure if I’m interested in extending the contract because people must be more real and understand our position in European football, we can only improve step by step and we need time to make a better team be more successful. But I’m saying ‘thanks’ to everyone in AFFA for support and professional work.

How do you assess your 10-month activity in the national team?

I think we have raised some new and young players for the future, we played well against a tough opponent and had a chance to get some more points. Of course, I’m not happy with one point (normally it is two, because in Hungary the referee stole a point from us). If we had some some opponent like San Marino, we would probably have warned six more points and helped the team to have more self-confidence.

What issues did you mention in today’s report?

I have submitted a report for this year to AFFA. This is normal and professional. I covered everything, analyzed the games, many referees made mistakes against us in the qualification round. I noticed it because there are only 8 teams in the League and the national team lacks players, many players are not playing in clubs, in every game missed 3-4 important players (injuries or suspension), traditional problem with set pieces, not enough players who are playing abroad…I tried to do real analyses with the view of the future. I think there maybe more chances for better results in the next Nations League .

What do you plan to do next: Would you like to stay if there is an offer from a club in Azerbaijan?

Now I’m free coach and open for every offer and maybe one day I will return to work in Azerbaijan. I must say that me and my family enjoyed our time in Baku and Azerbaijan – a nice country and city, good people. I can say all positive things about the time we had in Baku, thanks to players, supporters, my stuff and everyone..and Azerbaijan can only improve step by step with good work with young players.