The State Committee on Property Issues will organize the next auction on September 8.

A total of 61 state-owned properties will be put up for auction. Of these, 17 are joint-stock companies, 28 are small state-owned enterprises and unfinished buildings, and 16 are vehicles. The full list of state property put up for auction can be found at the following links:

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Report says, agrarian, industrial, transport, repair, etc. 30-45% of the shares of joint-stock companies have been privatized.

Most small state-owned enterprises and facilities will be privatized along with the land. Both the area and the building have already been assessed separately. The state property for auction is trade, service, production facilities, non-residential buildings located in different regions of the country.

The Committee ensures transparent and convenient participation of everyone in the auctions. Those wishing to participate in the sales can enter the official website of the Committee ( or the Privatization Portal (, register by selecting, pay 10% of the initial auction price of state property and obtain customer status. On the auction day, anyone can join the online privatization by selecting the “Electronic auction” section of the Electronic Services Portal (