Within the Media Volunteers program implemented by the Media Development Agency, another nine young journalists joined the second phase of the internship program at the Media School of the Report News Agency.

Murad Aliyev, Editor-in-Chief of the Report News Agency, spoke about the subtleties of journalism at a meeting with Media Volunteers: “Probably all of you want to be a journalist. Journalism is a way of life because a journalist does not have a specific work schedule. He must constantly be on the lookout for his field from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night. On the other hand, the media is a sweet swamp; those who come do not want to leave.”

The head of the Report Media School, Ismayil Rafigoghlu, stressed the importance of practical knowledge: “The main problem of academic teaching today is the predominance of theory. In other words, young people face difficulties in future activities because of the ‘fake teachers’’ who had not worked in the media or have no practical experience. A graduate of journalism is not able to write news, prepare reports or get interviews. The internship program we conduct at the Report Media School serves to solve the problem.”

The Media Volunteers program is implemented by the Media Development Agency of Azerbaijan. The program is organized to use the potential of young people more effectively in the framework of media development projects, to create conditions for active participation of young people in all spheres of society, to increase their practical knowledge, to stimulate creative and innovative potential and to expand the media volunteer movement in the country.

The program was launched in September 2021.