New York City, which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, only has enough medical supplies to last through the week, CNN informs, city Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

“We have enough supplies to get to a week from today except for ventilators. We’re going to need at least several hundred more ventilators very quickly,” de Blasio noted.

“But we have otherwise the supplies to get to next Sunday. We are going to need a reenforcement by Sunday, April 5th, in all categories, especially ventilators but in other areas as well. And personnel is becoming more and more the issue.”

His comment comes as the number of reported coronavirus deaths in the US doubled to more than 2,000 within two days. There are more than130,000 confirmed cases in US, with more than 50,000 of them in New York and more than 25,000 in New York City.