In a stride towards shaping the future of naval technological prowess, BMT, the leading international multi-disciplinary engineering and ship design consultancy, has unveiled its Large Uncrewed Surface Vessel (LUSV) vision in London.

Report informs citing the company that as part of its commitment to horizon scanning, BMT demonstrates why LUSVs could be a necessary enabler for any future blue water navy, as it seeks to balance operational capability and cost-effective mass.

According to the developers, the vessels provide the ability to add weight and quantity to existing or future fleets, making them more efficient and mission-ready.

At the same time, an important factor is not only technical feasibility, but also economic viability to ensure a permanent and effective naval strategy.

The LUSV unmanned concept includes six areas of development, including Command and Control, Sensor Data Management, Engineering Systems, Vessel and Mission Resilience, Maintenance and Logistics, Modularity.