The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan has adopted a decision on the identification of state-owned land plots in the administrative territories of Bilasuvar and Neftchala districts as territories of renewable energy sources, Prime Minister Ali Asadov signed a new decision in this regard, Report informs.

The decision has designated an area of 1,454 hectares of agricultural land within Bilasuvar district’s administrative boundaries as the site for renewable energy development, specifically for building a solar power facility with a capacity of 445 megawatts.

Also, in the Neftchala district, a total of 973 hectares of land has been allocated for renewable energy projects. This includes 523 hectares of land used by the Ministry of Defense, which falls under various categories such as industrial, transport, communication, defense, and has now been transferred to the Ministry of Energy. Additionally, 400 hectares from Yenikand Municipality and 50 hectares of agricultural land from Neftchala Municipality have been included in this allocation. The designated land will be used to construct a solar power plant with a projected capacity of 315 megawatts.