President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, confirmed that the 14th package of sanctions against Russia will be aimed at Russian energy exports and will impose new restrictions on Western manufacturers in the supply of technology to Russia.

With these sanctions, the European Commission will try to “will further deny Russia access to key technologies” and to “strip Russia of further energy revenues,” von der Leyen wrote on the social network X.

According to her, the new EU package will also be aimed at restrictions against the Russian tanker fleet and banking measures that Moscow took earlier to neutralize previous EU and US sanctions packages.

On Thursday, the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council announced that the EU ambassadors agreed on the 14th package of sanctions against Russia.

After its approval by the ministers of all EU states, the package will be published and come into force. The European Commission seeks to put it into effect before the start of negotiations on the admission of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU, scheduled for June 25.

Earlier, the Brussels portal EUobserver published the main provisions of this package with reference to the draft document. The EU, in particular, intends to introduce restrictions on the supply of liquefied natural gas and the import of helium from Russia. According to the draft, the package includes sanctions against the oil tanker fleet and restricting access to “dual-use technologies.”

The EU also intends to blacklist more than 20 individuals, including singer Polina Gagarina, and 22 legal entities. The sanctions will also target founder of the Russian Copper Company Igor Altushkin, the president of the Baltika brewing company, to which the Russian assets of the Carlsberg Group were transferred, Taimuraz Bolloyev, founder of the AEON corporation Roman Trotsenko and general director of the Internet Development Institute (ANO IRI) Alexey Goreslavsky. In addition, the list will include “defense executives, government officials and energy companies.” Restrictions on individuals will include a ban on entry into the EU, as well as the freezing of their assets in the jurisdiction of the community.